Building inovation capacity for the us of Big Data in environmental sciences, sustainability and circular economy in higher education institutions and their entrepreneurial ecosystems

How can we become better to utilize big data in the context of environmental sciences, sustainability, the circular economy and the digital ecosystems? And how can this foster academic entrepreneurship?

CloudEARTHi aims to build capacity to address climate and environmental challenges by the use of big data. Through the project, academia and the business community will contribute to strengthening innovation and entrepreneurial thinking, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.


One the great tools is through education and awareness. Over the next two years, 780 students will receive education and lectures on environmental sciences, sustainability and circular economy, not at least how big data, innovation and entrepreneurship can be an important resource and tool  Additionally  12 start-up companies working on these topics will receive support through the project, nurturing student and academic entrepreneurship, as well as connecting research, acedemia, businesses, eduscation and hereby acedemia-industry partnerships. Partnering with businesses and nurturing their entrepreneurial capacities is key to success.

The project believes that higher educational institutions are best placed to become catalysts of change and innovation, and partnering with businesses and nurturing their entrepreneurial capacities is key to success.

The project will also contribute to societal ripple effects:

“We will try to make society better understand the importance of innovation as a key force in solving the climate crisis and sustainability challenges, building entrepreneurship and increasing innovation capacity across all actors in society,”

-says project manager Tamer Abu-Alam.

Not at least inspire, bring awareness and to lead society in the net-zero transition and support innovation in sustainability.