The Arctic Sustainability Lab

This lab commends that a science is needed that addresses the sustainability challenges arising from global changes by focusing on ecosystems and the welfare of the people living in the Arctic.


CONNECT – Global connectedness and changing resource use systems in the Arctic, is a project viewing the  Arctic as coupled to the rest of the world through flows of goods, services, information and people. CONNECT is based on a research collaboration between researchers in US, Canada, Russia, Greenland and Norway that study how global connections…


– Cumulative impacts of the infrastructure associated with industrial development on biodiversity and ecosystem services CurBES is a project researching how industrial development in the Arctic affects nature through development of infrastructure. CurBES is a collaborative effort between three institutions in Tromsø: UiT – the Arctic university of Norway, NINA and Nofima. The combination of…


Globalization, industrial development and climate warming are changing the coastal communities world-wide. Where are these changes taking us?


Because use and values of marine ecosystem services are changing, caused by not only climate but also global changes.

Blue Growth

The world’s oceans are becoming a major arena for economic growth. How does this effect the ocean health?


Examining how large development projects challenge traditional resource use and management.


Emphasizing on that adaptive management of local and global ecosystem services need the development of methodology.


Taking into account heterogeneity in ecosystem services monitoring and climate change adaptation.


When growth and expansion of resource extraction and tourism industries create ripple environmental effects.


Indigenous-industry governance interactions in the Arctic. Environmental impacts and knowledge basis for management.


Determining how environmental governance and socio-economic conditions affect ecosystem states and –services relevant to resource-dependent communities.