-Exploring area use, sustainability and increased food production

CoastShift will evaluate pathways toward an area-optimal sustainable production of more local, healthy food, while minimizing the impact on the arctic ecosystem along the coast.

We do this by studying how existing and new Blue-growth combined with agriculture, will create synergies between the ocean and land. We investigate how this can stimulate to a circular economy where e.g., waste products can be reused as domestic food, avoiding pollution that damage ecosystems. These developments will be trialled against state-of-the-art integrated ecosystem assessments evaluating the impacts on ecosystems, biological diversity and ecosystem services, and sustainability indicators co-developed with Indigenous people and coastal communities of northern Norway.

We investigate how governance is fundamental for facilitating and implementing this green shift, and for making decisions that build on the best available science, but also for building partnerships and to engage society in the implementation of novel solutions.

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